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Sunday School News!

Sunday School will now be held during the worship service! Children will come to church with their parents for a brief children’s message, then head downstairs to the classrooms for a lesson. After the Sunday School lesson, they will return upstairs to join their parents for communion. All children in Preschool through 5th Grade are welcome!

•  Rally Day: Sunday, 09/24/17 - (see below)
•  First Day of Sunday School: Sunday, 10/01/17

Needed: Volunteers to teach Sunday School once or twice per month! Lesson leaflets and activities will be provided. Please
call or text Beth Westrick at 248-225-6719 or Alison White at 586-909-2207.

Rally Day!

Sunday, September 24, 2017 from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Come celebrate a new year of Christian Education!  Families are invited to join us for the worship service.  All are welcome to celebrate the beginning of the school year!

10:00 am – Children meet outside of Educational Building
10:15 am – Children enter church for Children’s message / song / teacher installation
10:30 – Children will be taken outside for outdoor Rally activities
11:00 am – Children return to church for Communion
11:05 am to 12:15 pm – Rally Day activities continue with Hot Dogs * Bounce House * Bake Sale * Games!


Confirmation Class

The Christian Education Committee is planning the Confirmation Program at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Confirmation is a vital and important ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church. Confirmation is part of a lifelong journey of faith, filled with new questions and answers, new discoveries, new relationships, new responsibilities, and new possibilities. Confirmation is just one step along a much larger journey of life.  Students in Grades 6 - 8 are invited to participate in the confirmation program.

Upcoming Dates:

•  Sunday, September 24: Rally Day from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.  Rally Day will include worship, games, activities, a bake sale and picnic for the whole family to kick-off the school year.  Confirmation students may sign up at the Information Meeting to help out with Rally Day.  All families are invited to join us for 10:15 am church worship service.>
•  Sunday, October 1:  Confirmation Classes begin; classes will be held in the Education Building from 9:00 – 10:00 am.

If you have any questions, please leave a message at the church office (586) 725-6801.  A member of the Christian Education Committee will be happy to talk with you.   We look forward to seeing you soon!





Craft Retreat Registration Form



Heritage Day Meaning Statements
We reviewed our heritage from the mid-1960s with 45 people in attendance on April 23, 2017, after a bountiful potluck dinner.  From the many memories reported as parts of our story, the Transition Team garnered these meaning statements:

☆   Food is a big deal here, as it is in many congregations.  It brings us together from the two worship services, provides fellowship, and often brings in the community.  The spaghetti dinners we serve give us funds for seminarian support, the Good Samaritan Fund, and current expenses, such as Confirmation Camp for our kids.  The Cookie Walk has provided funding for MCREST.

☆   Outreach is important.  MCREST is something we enjoy doing as well as being a service to homeless people.  VBS gives the offering to LOGIA (Love of God in Action) a social service agency.  We support St. Mary’s food pantry with a collection every first Sunday of the month.

☆   There is a continuity of families who have stayed in this church for generations.  Sometimes when young adults have been away for school and work, they come back to this community and congregation when they’re able to arrange that.

☆   Youth activity has been vital in the past yet seems to have faded at this point.  It is something we need to build up again.

☆   We are a close congregation.  If someone hasn’t been here for a while or is sick they will get a phone call. Joe is a greeter par excellence; more of us need to be more outgoing like that, especially to newcomers.
The Team noted a few items that had been left out of the story-telling and left the poster-size sticky notes on the wall in the fellowship hall for all who are interested to review, and to add to if there are ministries of the past 50 years missing.
In the coming months the Transition Team plans to have an afternoon of Asset Mapping, a fun and interesting way to find out what are assets are in the congregation and come up with new ways to use what God has given us in new ways, or old ways renewed.  It is amazing to learn things about each other and to realize (make real) how we can serve God in simple, new-to-us ways. 

In September the Team will have a survey ready for the whole congregation to participate in denoting our choices of mission and ministry based on our core values.  By late fall we are hoping our work can be passed along to a call committee with information needed to fill out the Ministry Site Profile (congregational profile for calling a pastor) so they can begin their work.

Feel free to talk with any members of the Transition Team with comments or questions.  Thank you to all who have participated in gathering our recent history and determining where we want to build upon the foundation of St. John’s purpose.
                    Betsy Facione                                       Christine Snooks
                    Donald Hinz                                           Mike Schwartz
                    Margaret Larsen                                    Shirley Tinson


Click here for the September newsletter

Meet St. John's Transition Team
Betsy Facione
Don Hinz
Margaret Larsen
Mike Schwartz
Christine Snooks
Shirley Tinson

The transition team is led by Pastor Jan Marvar.  If you have any questions regarding the team's function
or activities please contact a team member.