Weekly Readings

Prayer of the Day

Gracious God, throughout the ages you transform sickness into health and death into life. Open us to the power of your presence, and make us a people ready to proclaim your promises to the whole world, through Jesus Christ, our healer and Lord. Amen.


Sunday Scripture Readings: 

Isaiah 35:4-7a 
Psalm 146 
James 2:1-10 [11-13] 14-17 
Mark 7:24-37

Daily Readings this Month


Household Devotions

Morning Prayer
O God, Wisdom of the universe, you bear the pain of your people. Grant us the gift of wisdom, that we may discern your way and live justly and graciously amid the struggles of this world. Amen.

Evening Prayer
Holy Lord, maker of us all, you call us to love our neighbors as ourselves and teach us that faith without works is dead. Open us to the opportunities for ministry that lie before us, where faith and words and the need of our neighbor come together in name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

In Our Prayers
Lord God, friend of those in need, your Son Jesus has untied our burdens and healed our spirits. We lift up the prayers of our hearts for those still burdened, those seeking healing, those in need within the church and the world.

Especially we pray for those known by the St. John's family:  Mina, Marie, Dale, Dolores, Diane, Crystal, Judy, Todd, Kathy,
Julie, Andrea, Camille, Norbert, Duane, Gale, Dave, Jim, Russell, Dylan, the Lind family and all who are in need.

We pray for all who grieve for any reason.  Especially we pray for the family of Kay St. Aubin, the family of Terry Golder, the family of Joyce Graylish, the family of Carl Bevins.
We pray for all who rejoice for families gathering, for baptisms, and for all good things.
We pray for our bishops Elizabeth and Don.

Hear our prayers that we may love you with our whole being and willingly share the concerns of our neighbors. Amen.