Weekly Readings

Prayer of the Day

God our creator, the resurrection of your Son offers life to all the peoples of earth. By your Holy Spirit, kindle in us the fire of your love, empowering our lives for service and our tongues for praise, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


Sunday Scripture Readings: 

Acts 2:1-21 
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b 
Romans 8:14-17 
John 14:8-17 [25-27]  

Daily Readings this Month


Household Devotions

Morning Prayer
Holy God, you spoke the world into being. Pour your Spirit to the ends of the earth, that your children may return from exile as citizens of your commonwealth, and our divisions may be healed by your word of love and righteousness. Amen.

Evening Prayer
Living God, you have created all that is. Send forth your Spirit to renew and restore us, that we may proclaim your good news in ways and words that all will understand and believe. Amen.

In Our Prayers
Empowering God, you gave the church the abiding presence of your Holy Spirit. Look upon your church today and hear our petitions.

Especially we pray for those known by the St. John's family:  Mina, Marie, Pam, Felicia, Donna, Clarence,  Tanni, Marge,
Greg, Evy, Cris, Cheryl, Terry, Mike, Sharon, Kay, Dave, Cheryl, Diane, Therese, Jackson, Linda, Lorraine, Linda, Dianne, Kassidy, Alvoy, John, Chris, Dolores, Fred, Judy, Julie, Camille, Norbert, Duane, Gale, Jim, Dylan, the Lind family

and all who are in need.

We pray for all who grieve for any reason.  Especially we pray for The family of Lisa (Baumgart) Lumetta, the family of Todd Doreau (Olivares’ neighbor), and all caregivers.
We pray for all who rejoice.  For families gathering, for baptisms, and for all good things.
We pray for our bishops Elizabeth and Don.

Grant that, gathered and directed by your Spirit, we may confess Christ as Lord and combine our diverse gifts with a singular passion to continue his mission in this world until we join in your eternal praise. Amen.